7 Types of Logos to Build Your Brand

Does your business have a logo customers connect with? Logos have been shown to trigger memories and emotions in customers when they see it. Some of the most recognizable logos, such as Nike or Apple, transmit enough information that they don’t even need to add the company name for people to know who it is […]

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Location-based app Scvngr lets you challenge your friends

Scvnger, a new location-based app, encourages you to check in and locations throughout your city and complete a challenge. The app, designed for Android and iPhone, differs from services like FourSquare and Gowalla because it prompts users to complete an activity with each check-in. The challenge is then shared with friends. Similar to competitor apps, […]

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Aviary rolls out HTML5 photo editor

Aviary, one of the most well-known creative web apps, recently introduced an HTML5-powered photo editor called Feather. It’s extremely easy to use and is set apart from other apps because its ability to be portable and embeddable. These two features are essential because it means Feather can be easily integrated into other sites and apps. […]

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Mozilla offers free training for developers

For the second time ever, Mozilla is offering free training for developers through their School of Webcraft that runs in partnership with Peer 2 Peer University. The classes aim to educate students of all skill levels and to go above and beyond what’s taught at the high school and university level. The classes were created […]

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Design community Forrst rolls out changes and launches credit system for post promotion

Forrst, an invite-only community for designers and developers, recently launched a credit system that can be used to buy page views on a certain post. The new feature is especially useful for those who create posts about recently launched products or job-related posts because it can help guarantee it’s seen by thousands of readers. The […]

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How Classical Architecture Improves Web Design

Ever wonder how a building is made? It’s not just plywood nailed together into a box shape. It takes an architect to design and draw up blueprints that both fulfill form and function. Building a website follows the same principles. NuArtisan, a web design company in Austin, explains the importance of structuring a website so […]

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FlickSquare posts FourSquare check-ins to Flickr

Did you capture a cool photo at a local landmark? A stunning photo while at the park? Or, maybe you just took a funny snapshot of your friends at the latest bar. Wherever you were; whatever you were doing, FlickSquare will help you keep your check-in photos organized so you can access them from your […]

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Gift a Stranger helps you spread post-holiday cheer

The holidays have passed but that doesn’t mean you can’t spread a little post-holiday cheer. Thanks to the brand-new service “Gift a Stranger,” you can send a gift to an anonymous recipient throughout the world. Created by Happiness Brussels, a communications agency, Gift a Stranger uses Google Maps to help you find a stranger to […]

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How to Create Texture in Low Light Photos

When you’re losing natural light fast, how do you save your photo composition? Having the right tools handy can make all the difference, but so can an awareness of surroundings. Providing a great trick of the trade, NuArtisan, a company who specializes in Austin photography, let’s us in on a quick fix to a low […]

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Brand-new PageLime makes creating and managing a website easier than ever

PageLime, a hosted CMS for designers, was recently released to the public. It’s goal? To make creating and managing a small business website easy – without the hassles associated with many other content management systems. You can get started in a matter of minutes, as there’s no download or installation required. And, it connects to […]

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Schweppes app lets you customize your Facebook profile

A recently released app lets users take advantage of the new Facebook profile design by letting them customize their page with a unique layout. The app was released during the end of December and is ideal for those who want a brand-new look for their profile but don’t have a background in Photoshop or similar […]

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8 Simple Rules to Boost Website Ratings

It’s still all about who you know. Many of us connected to the social networks enjoy sharing funny stories or interesting information through sites like Facebook and Twitter. In a recent development by search engines Google and Bing, users now have a little more pull as to which links get higher ratings. NuArtisan, an SEO […]

Comments » lets you share photos and documents quickly – in just one click offers a unique solution that lets you share your photos and documents with friends and family members in just one click. Regardless of the file size, it can be shared in a matter of seconds. The best part? You don’t have to install anything or even create an account. Instead, you just click “create […]

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Recently launched Ontolo is ultimate link building tool

Ontolo, created by Ben Wills and Garrett French, has gained popularity in the link-building community over the recent months. Most recently, recognized it as a “link builder’s dream,” designed for professional (or semi-pro) link builders. Ontolo has created an extensive list of tools that will help you streamline your link building efforts. Ontolo’s selection […]

Comments » lets you share fun facts with friends

If you’re looking for an entertaining, mildly addictive distraction for your time, check out The app is designed to help users share facts about themselves – facts that wouldn’t normally come up in conversation, or perhaps facts about life that don’t come up because no one ever asks the question. After creating an account, […]

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