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Location-based app Scvngr lets you challenge your friends

Scvnger, a new location-based app, encourages you to check in and locations throughout your city and complete a challenge. The app, designed for Android and iPhone, differs from services like FourSquare and Gowalla because it prompts users to complete an activity with each check-in. The challenge is then shared with friends. Similar to competitor apps, […]

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Gift a Stranger helps you spread post-holiday cheer

The holidays have passed but that doesn’t mean you can’t spread a little post-holiday cheer. Thanks to the brand-new service “Gift a Stranger,” you can send a gift to an anonymous recipient throughout the world. Created by Happiness Brussels, a communications agency, Gift a Stranger uses Google Maps to help you find a stranger to […]

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8 Simple Rules to Boost Website Ratings

It’s still all about who you know. Many of us connected to the social networks enjoy sharing funny stories or interesting information through sites like Facebook and Twitter. In a recent development by search engines Google and Bing, users now have a little more pull as to which links get higher ratings. NuArtisan, an SEO […]

Comments » lets you share photos and documents quickly – in just one click offers a unique solution that lets you share your photos and documents with friends and family members in just one click. Regardless of the file size, it can be shared in a matter of seconds. The best part? You don’t have to install anything or even create an account. Instead, you just click “create […]

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Recently launched Ontolo is ultimate link building tool

Ontolo, created by Ben Wills and Garrett French, has gained popularity in the link-building community over the recent months. Most recently, recognized it as a “link builder’s dream,” designed for professional (or semi-pro) link builders. Ontolo has created an extensive list of tools that will help you streamline your link building efforts. Ontolo’s selection […]

Comments » lets you share fun facts with friends

If you’re looking for an entertaining, mildly addictive distraction for your time, check out The app is designed to help users share facts about themselves – facts that wouldn’t normally come up in conversation, or perhaps facts about life that don’t come up because no one ever asks the question. After creating an account, […]

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GoodGuide rolls out new social networking feature

GoodGuide, a website focused on helping people find products that match their social and environmental values, recently rolled out several changes that will help improve the service. Perhaps most helpful is the new social network aspect. Users can follow their friends’ and coworkers’ GoodGuides so they know which brands and products to try – and […]

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Quora–a social Q&A site–gains popularity

The social media site Quora, is gaining popularity and is no longer attractive to just its initial audience – the tech startup world. Quora offers a continually growing collection of questions and answers that aim to be the best resource for someone researching the topic. Whether you’re looking for the answer to the simplest question […]

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Share your photos with all your social media networks at once

Dropico, a fun new photo-sharing app, makes it easy to share your photos with all your friends across the web. The app allows you to share your photos from all devices – your PC, laptop and even your smart phone – and upload them to one single place. Best of all, you won’t have to […]

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