8 Simple Rules to Boost Website Ratings

It’s still all about who you know. Many of us connected to the social networks enjoy sharing funny stories or interesting information through sites like Facebook and Twitter. In a recent development by search engines Google and Bing, users now have a little more pull as to which links get higher ratings. NuArtisan, an SEO company in Austin, TX, breaks down the factors that influence the new rating system.

The top eight ways to boost your SEO ratings are as follows:
1. Unique tweets are stronger than repeat tweeters—In other words, having 50 friends comment on your post is better than one friend who comments on everything you post.
2. The more people who “like” or “retweet” the better—If a large number of people support a link with a “like,” the more important that link becomes.
3. High-authority power—You may have a “high-authority” presence online, but it adds to your credibility to have other high-authority people following you and joining your circle of friends.
4. Key in keywords—Make sure you include one or two keywords in your content to increase your SEO traffic.
5. Display relevant and consistent behavior—Posting relevant links about your niche or industry can solidify your message and authority. For example, as a real estate agent you would want to select information about home renovation as opposed to something about the latest fashion trend.
6. Share more than your own site links—Promoting your own links from your website may be helpful, but to truly make an impact share links from other sites as well.
7. Post frequently—New content gains attention from search engines and your website visitors are more likely to return on a regular basis for the updates.
8. Celebrity endorsements—Search engines take notice when you can get an influential person of your industry to give you a thumbs up. You’ll get not only more followers but better quality followers of high-authority.
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