Gift a Stranger helps you spread post-holiday cheer

The holidays have passed but that doesn’t mean you can’t spread a little post-holiday cheer. Thanks to the brand-new service “Gift a Stranger,” you can send a gift to an anonymous recipient throughout the world.

Created by Happiness Brussels, a communications agency, Gift a Stranger uses Google Maps to help you find a stranger to send a gift to. Simply visit the site at, enter your first name, the city and country you live in, the gift you’re going to send, and a photo of the gift. Then, click “Find Address,” and the service will populate an address for you to send a gift to. You can simply print the information, address the package and you’re good to go!

Addresses are found using Google’s reverse geocoding – the service will search for an address until it finds a complete entry, which makes take a few minutes. Gift a Stranger also lets you view gifts that have been pledged by others to give you ideas on what is appropriate to send. Gifts sent to-date include things like a coffee mug sent to China, toys sent to New Zealand, a baseball card to Canada, a book to Greece, and much more.