GoodGuide rolls out new social networking feature

GoodGuide, a website focused on helping people find products that match their social and environmental values, recently rolled out several changes that will help improve the service.

Perhaps most helpful is the new social network aspect. Users can follow their friends’ and coworkers’ GoodGuides so they know which brands and products to try – and which to avoid. Other features include the ability for users to see which products their Facebook friends use, community voting, and a real-time feed of the products people are looking for.

The site also offers a leaderboard that shows GoodGuide members that have the highest influence scores, which are based on their number of contributions and connections with others. Finally, it includes a list of trending topics related to the brands, issues, and ingredients that are currently popular. The site’s iPhone app has many of the above capabilities, as well as a bar code scanner. Users can scan barcodes of items they own and categorize them my room and overall rating.

GoodGuide was founded in 2007 and has a library of more than 65,000 products that range from food to personal care. To stay more organized, users can create a “favorites” list of products they commonly shop for – all of which are healthy, green, and socially responsible.