Location-based app Scvngr lets you challenge your friends

Scvnger, a new location-based app, encourages you to check in and locations throughout your city and complete a challenge. The app, designed for Android and iPhone, differs from services like FourSquare and Gowalla because it prompts users to complete an activity with each check-in. The challenge is then shared with friends. Similar to competitor apps, users can earn points and unlock badges along the way.

Originally, it was targeted toward museums and universities in the hopes of creating a game-like experience for visitors. Now, the company is encouraging users to create a game for their business or friends.

Ideally, users would visit a bar or restaurant in their city, browse the list of challenges, and snap a photo of them completing the challenge. The photo is then uploaded to the app. Challenges include everything from creating a hat out of tinfoil to answering a trivia question about the business. The business owner can create challenges as simple or as ridiculous as they’d like.

Scvngr recently received $15 million in investments from European VC firm Balderton Capital, Google Ventures, and Highland Capital Partners. This raises its total funding to more than $20 million.