Quora–a social Q&A site–gains popularity

The social media site Quora, is gaining popularity and is no longer attractive to just its initial audience – the tech startup world. Quora offers a continually growing collection of questions and answers that aim to be the best resource for someone researching the topic. Whether you’re looking for the answer to the simplest question or something more esoteric, the site’s goal is to have nearly everything anyone wants to know.

The site allows you to follow people, topics, and questions, as its aim is to define the world by your interests, not just the people you know. Questions are organized by topic – each question has a set of topics associated with it to make it easy to find. You’ll find questions as straight forward as “How do I train for a half-marathon?” to “Why are parking spaces shaped like that?”

After signing up, users can add or edit an answer if they have any information that can help improve it. This includes everything from the questions listed, the topics attached to each question, and the answers. Users can also comment on each other’s answers to make the content as accurate and comprehensive as possible.

The site was launched in private beta in December 2009 and was made available to the public in June 2010.