Recently launched Ontolo is ultimate link building tool

Ontolo, created by Ben Wills and Garrett French, has gained popularity in the link-building community over the recent months. Most recently, recognized it as a “link builder’s dream,” designed for professional (or semi-pro) link builders. Ontolo has created an extensive list of tools that will help you streamline your link building efforts.

Ontolo’s selection of free and paid tools include competitor link searches, content research, and backlink tracking and monitoring, and more. Or, you can sign up for their complete package. With this, Ontolo’s team do customized research into your market, will crawl and analyze 10,000 – 15,000 URLs and compile them into a database, and much more. The research and analysis process will help ensure you get relevant, valuable backlinks to your content.

The site also offers a free membership that will get you access to basic resources like a link building eBook and weekly videos. For a limited time, Ontolo is offering a FREE 14-day trial for their Link Building Toolset that can get you up to 8,000 link prospects in the next two weeks. The toolset is web-based and doesn’t require you to download any software. To learn more about the trial or to sign up, visit