Share your photos with all your social media networks at once

Dropico, a fun new photo-sharing app, makes it easy to share your photos with all your friends across the web. The app allows you to share your photos from all devices – your PC, laptop and even your smart phone – and upload them to one single place. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about uploading them multiple times. Use Dropico to upload once, choose the social networks you want to publish them to and that’s it!

The drag and drop mechanism adds to the app’s ease of use by letting you move photos from album to album – and to social networks – as needed. You can also label them with a tag, title, and description for easy organization. And, if your photos aren’t quite perfect, don’t worry! Use the editing feature to create text, add an effect, crop, and much more.

Photos can be uploaded directly from your mobile phone, your desktop, or even through your unique Dropico email address. The app has recently launched, but will eventually give you the option to back up all of your photos so you won’t have to worry about losing them. With Dropico, you’ll spend less time messing with your photos and more time sharing them with friends.