7 Types of Logos to Build Your Brand

Does your business have a logo customers connect with? Logos have been shown to trigger memories and emotions in customers when they see it. Some of the most recognizable logos, such as Nike or Apple, transmit enough information that they don’t even need to add the company name for people to know who it is and how they feel about them. If your business doesn’t have a logo, you should consider adopting one soon to establish a better relationship with your client base. Since design plays a part in how effective your logo is for your particular business, NuArtisan, an Austin company who creates logo design, defines the types of logos businesses can use to enhance their brand identity.

Whether you are getting a logo for the first time or changing your logo to coincide with a company name change, merger, or rebranding to boost new business, there are several options to compare.

Wordmark—Company name with stylized font and colors
Pictorial Mark—Includes a literal translation of company name with a picture
Abstract Mark—Uses an abstract image to convey an aspect of the business
Letterform—Emphasizes one or two letters of company name or product
Emblem—Often looks like a seal or badge with company name
Character—A character or mascot like image is used to distinguish the brand
Web 2.0—Logos with 3D effects, glossy textures, and bright colors

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