Aviary rolls out HTML5 photo editor

Aviary, one of the most well-known creative web apps, recently introduced an HTML5-powered photo editor called Feather. It’s extremely easy to use and is set apart from other apps because its ability to be portable and embeddable.

These two features are essential because it means Feather can be easily integrated into other sites and apps. This will make user’s experience much smoother because they won’t have to leave their current page to complete a task, and then go back. Instead, customers can edit directly on the site.

Its simplicity is one of its major selling points. Those who don’t want to deal with a full-fledged photo editor will love Feather because they can upload a photo and add a caption without worrying about the option of creating brush effects, adding layers, and more.

For the best user experience, Feather incorporates features from Aviary’s Flash-based image editor, Phoenix, that has been around for more than two years.

Simple features on Feather include rotate, flip, crop, blemish, colors, and saturation, as well as effects like toy camera and old photo.

To learn more about Feather, visit http://www.aviary.com/html5. The site gives you the ability to upload the image and try the editor for yourself. You can also get access to the embed code here. To date, companies like Shopify, Everloop, and Fashism have signed up to use Feather in their apps.