FlickSquare posts FourSquare check-ins to Flickr

Did you capture a cool photo at a local landmark? A stunning photo while at the park? Or, maybe you just took a funny snapshot of your friends at the latest bar. Wherever you were; whatever you were doing, FlickSquare will help you keep your check-in photos organized so you can access them from your Flickr account down the road.

FourSquare recently introduced the ability to upload comments and photos to its Android and iPhone apps – but, FlickSquare takes photo sharing to a new level. Now, users can keep their photo adventures archived and synced with the rest of their Flickr photos.

The app is not only ideal for day-to-day check-ins, but also while taking a trip. Think of all the exciting landmarks, bars, and restaurants you’ll visit. Each photo and its location description will be uploaded to Flickr. Down the road, you can use the photos to make an album that commemorates your trip.

You can sign up in a few simple steps by visiting FlickSquare.me. After granting authorization to Flickr, all of your future photos will be posted to Flickr as well – along with your check-in message, a description of the photo, and a link to the FourSquare venue.