How to Create Texture in Low Light Photos

When you’re losing natural light fast, how do you save your photo composition? Having the right tools handy can make all the difference, but so can an awareness of surroundings. Providing a great trick of the trade, NuArtisan, a company who specializes in Austin photography, let’s us in on a quick fix to a low light situation.

When you need to take more than a snapshot, composition plays a part in professional quality photography. Having your subject well lit is important, but creating depth comes from shading and texture. While photographing the pool area of a local apartment complex, Adam Dolch spotted a palm tree nearby to add texture to his frame. Since it was dusk, the angle of the dropping sun cast a shadow over the tree hiding all of its ridges and fibers. Using a handheld flash directly aimed at the tree and a full color temperature orange warming gel, he was able to shed hard light on the trunk capturing its natural details. The result is a well-balanced, almost three dimensional shot with added character thanks to the emphasis of a beautifully textured tree.

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