Picplz lets you edit and share your mobile photos

Picplz is a great new way to turn normal photos taken on your smart phone into exciting prints you can share with friends, family, and coworkers. The mobile app, available for the iPhone and Android, offers location-based photo sharing among many other features. When taking a photo, choose a nearby restaurant, sporting venue, concert, and more – so your friends will know just where you are.

With Picplz, you’ll have access to several free photo filters that can style your photos with effects like vintage 70s, black and white, Russian toy camera, cross process, and more. After applying the filter, the app lets you share the photo on Facebook and Twitter, and even add your location so your friends can see where the photo was taken. You’ll also be able to view you and friends’ feeds so you’ll always have access to their most recent photos – and can comment and “like” them.

Best of all, uploading to picplz.com is fast and easy. The app runs in the background, so you can play a game, make a to-do list, or even text a friend while you’re waiting for your photos to upload.

To sign up for Picplz and download the app, visit their website.