Brand-new PageLime makes creating and managing a website easier than ever

PageLime, a hosted CMS for designers, was recently released to the public. It’s goal? To make creating and managing a small business website easy – without the hassles associated with many other content management systems. You can get started in a matter of minutes, as there’s no download or installation required. And, it connects to an existing domain and server.

The simple CMS is ideal for small businesses, and is a great alternative to the complexity that comes with a more advanced content management tool. After logging into the web app, users can manage their entire portfolio of websites from one place. From here, they can edit sites and make certain sections available to the client for future editing. Users can also add features like image galleries and SEO management.

PageLime has a simple pricing structure, including a free plan for light users. The free plan allows users to create three websites. For $19/month, users can use their own logo, colors, and more – and can design up to 50 sites. Finally, the unlimited plan for $69/month allows users create as many sites as they want with unlimited administrators.

PageLime also recently released an iPhone app that lets users access their content while on the go. From the app, they can add and edit pages, make content changes, and preview and publish these changes.