Design community Forrst rolls out changes and launches credit system for post promotion

Forrst, an invite-only community for designers and developers, recently launched a credit system that can be used to buy page views on a certain post. The new feature is especially useful for those who create posts about recently launched products or job-related posts because it can help guarantee it’s seen by thousands of readers.

The community was designed as a sharing space for users, where they can add code snippets, interesting articles, design snapshots, and more. They can also ask for feedback on a current project they’re working on.

Recently, just before the site’s first birthday, it introduced the ability to purchase “acorns,” a type of virtual currency. The acorns, available for $5 each via PayPal, can be traded in for a certain number of impressions on an article. Other changes to the site include redesigned post pages, a rewrite of the site architecture, and a brand-new home page.

To become a member, apply on the Forrst website. Invitations are sent out monthly by the staff and current Forrst members, and are allotted based on participation during the previous month. The invite-only approach is designed so users can get to know one another and form a close-knit community with other designers and developers.