Schweppes app lets you customize your Facebook profile

A recently released app lets users take advantage of the new Facebook profile design by letting them customize their page with a unique layout. The app was released during the end of December and is ideal for those who want a brand-new look for their profile but don’t have a background in Photoshop or similar design program.

The beverage firm, Schweppes, partnered with its Amsterdam-based digital agency to create the app after they noticed that some users didn’t like the new Facebook profile. After getting the app, you can customize your profile photo and the five photos that run along the top of the page by following a series of simple steps. During the process, you won’t have to visit another website for editing, as it can all be done through Facebook.

Users have uploaded a variety of photos for use as their profile photo, including close-up headshots, action shots, graphics, and more. Best of all, the profile change can be done in a matter of minutes by following the app’s detailed directions.

To get the app and begin customizing your Facebook profile, visit